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Just because you don't feel sick, does not mean you feel as great as you could. Far too many people in Sarasota wait until they are sick to begin taking excellent care of their health. It is common in our culture to accept a slow decline in health as we age, but it is also unnecessary. We now have information and the advances in the field of health and wellness to live a life of optimal health which, contrary to popular belief, can actually get better as we grow older. This article will walk you through some of the common beliefs about health and discusses how chiropractic medicine can be an important part of your preventative, wellness care plan.

Wellness Care in Sarasota

Chiropractics do more than treat patients seeking relief from musculoskeletal conditions that involve back, neck, joint, and muscle pain. Patients in Sarasota can also receive overall health and wellness care during regular visits to a chiropractor. This is why patients are often encouraged to discuss concerns about age-related limitations and issues with sleep, stress, muscle tension, and remaining competitive in sports.

What Is Wellness Care?

The purpose of wellness care is to address possible health issues sooner rather than later. From what you eat and how you sleep to how much time you spend sitting and exercising, the actions you take throughout your day can impact your health. It's these actions that can lead to potential problems with bones, joints, and soft tissues, some of which may not produce noticeable symptoms. Behaviors that may negatively affect your spine and the rest of your body include:

• Stress-related muscle tension in your neck and shoulders
• Poor posture when sitting or standing
• Unhealthy food choices
• Lack of regular exercise

Why Does Wellness Care Matter?

The term "wellness" refers to how your body functions, not just what you experience when sick or in pain. Wellness matters because when you take positive steps to keep all parts of your body functioning properly, everything runs smoothly. Your spine is one of the key parts of your body that needs to function well to ensure that nerves are sending the right signals.

The spinal cord, which extends from the brain, contains the bundle of nerves that make up the central nervous system. When your nervous system is working efficiently and your spine is properly aligned, it can possessively influence all aspects of your health, including:

• Digestion
• Basic biological functions (e.g., lung capacity, blood flow)
• Skin tone
• Mobility

How Does Chiropractic Care Help?

Chiropractic care helps the nervous system and spine work in perfect unison in order to maintain overall wellness by ensuring that all essential systems are working efficiently. Regular chiropractic adjustments and treatments can also improve circulation, maintain flexibility, and ease pressure on nerves, joints, and other structures in your body.

Experienced chiropractors like the ones you'll work with at Rist Chiropractic and Wellness will take the time to review your medical history and put together a personalized care plan. You'll also receive a thorough assessment of your overall health to determine what types of chiropractic manipulations and adjustments may benefit you. Call today to schedule a consultation.