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Suffering from Vertigo?

Treat Vertigo With Chiropractic Care
Many people believe that dizziness and vertigo are the same thing. However, vertigo has very specific symptoms. Therefore, it's important to know which type of dizziness indicates true vertigo in order to ensure that you receive the proper type of treatment for your symptoms.

Many people claim to have vertigo because they experience a frequent sensation of dizziness that feels like they are on the verge of fainting. However, this is not vertigo. True vertigo is the sensation that the room is spinning. Understanding the difference between these two types of dizziness is crucial in order to receive the correct form of treatment for your symptoms.

Vertigo can range from mild to severe. Those with chronic vertigo may have an underlying condition. In addition to dizziness, vertigo symptoms include:

Ringing in the ears
Difficulty with balance
Blurred vision
Difficulty concentrating
Double vision
Hearing difficulties
Chronic fatigue

What Causes Vertigo?

There are several different causes of vertigo. It's important to be evaluated by a medical professional as vertigo may indicate a severe underlying condition. These are some more common causes of vertigo:

Severe tension headaches or migraines
Insufficient blood flow to the brain
Damage to the inner ear
An injury such as a car accident
Misalignment of the vertebrae in the neck

Clearly, vertigo is often caused by an issue involving the spine, inner ear or head. It is these areas that control the body's ability to balance and orient itself. When the nerves in these areas are disrupted, the body can become disoriented, resulting in dizziness and an inability to maintain balance.

Chiropractic Care for Vertigo

Chiropractic treatment is a totally safe way to treat a variety of the causes of vertigo. First, your chiropractor will thoroughly evaluate your condition in order to figure out the underlying cause of your vertigo. Next, he or she will come up with a treatment that is custom-designed to address your specific needs. In most cases, those who suffer from vertigo find instant relief from their symptoms following chiropractic adjustments. These adjustments are gentle, safe and painless.

A chiropractor in Sarasota can help you get your life back by treating your vertigo with this safe and permanent solution. Call today in order to finally obtain relief from vertigo.