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Rist Chiropractic and Wellness: Promoting Pregnancy Health
Pregnancy often comes with a great deal of physical stress and discomfort. Often, women in Sarasota will complain of low back pains when pregnant as well as other issues including leg cramps, constipation and sciatica. As a result, daily tasks become harder and more strenuous. Furthermore, one might suffer difficulties during labor. Chiropractic treatment offers tremendous relief for back pains during pregnancy. Many women also confirm that the treatment makes the birth process easier. This article looks more keenly into discomforts due to pregnancy and further explains how chiropractic treatment helps.

The Need for a Prenatal Chiropractor in Sarasota
A woman’s body undergoes various changes during pregnancy to accommodate the fetus. With the baby’s growth, the mother’s center of gravity will shift to the front of her pelvis. This action results in added stress to the pelvis and its various joints causing increased discomfort and pain in the lower back. In the final pregnancy trimester, the accompanying weight gain can cause the low back curve (lordotic curve) to increase to the extent of causing a significant impact on the sacrum, as well as the vertebral and hip joints.

How Sciatica Arises
The spine is the central point from which all nerves move to other body organs. When pressure is applied to the spine, the nerves can be irritated resulting in pain that radiates to other parts of the body. Lower back pain, during pregnancy, might radiate all the way to the legs. This condition is commonly known as Sciatica.

If one has a history of low back problems and issues with spine alignment, pregnancy will often worsen the situation. At times, with pregnancy, the spine will become severely misaligned and fail to return to normal after giving birth. Consequently, everyday jobs that are routine after childbirth such as carrying the baby, breastfeeding and bending become extremely challenging and painful.

Prenatal Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic practitioners provide personalized care in a safe and efficient manner for the term of the pregnancy and after during the post-partum period. A comprehensive exam will be necessary to establish a treatment plan that is best suited to tackle your discomfort and prepare your body for pregnancy and childbirth. There are special methods and treatments to help a patient better accommodate the pregnancy. These treatments may reduce a woman’s reliance on pain medication during delivery, and also reduce the labor time. Post-natal chiropractic care can help realign the body and speed up the transition to a fit post-pregnancy body.

Our team at Rist Chiropractic and Wellness Today are ready to assist you. If you have any questions about chiropractic care and how it will help you during your pregnancy, call our team today.