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Colicky babies causing sleepless nights have parents aching for a solution. All babies cry, but unending crying spells mean something is wrong. It is hard for parents to watch their babies in pain, but traditional remedies don't seem to be helping. Could a headache or other pain be causing these fits? This article explains how and why Sarasota chiropractors are bringing babies relief.

Indigestion was once considered the cause of colicky infants (and it sometimes is), but colic will not always respond to digestive relief. Infantile colic is now described as unexplained and uncontrollable crying lasting for over three hours per day, at least three days a week, and carrying on for at least three weeks. Parents often feel helpless to find anything to soothe their child while still keeping themselves healthy. The good news is, there is still hope!

Chiropractors are finding that a many of infants have spinal irregularities due to the amount of force and strain experienced during the process of delivery. Making matters worse, clamps and vacuums can cause spinal misalignments to worsen further. Spinal abnormalities could be hurting your baby’s nervous system and triggering colic.

It doesn't take much force during chiropractic adjustment to clear up major misalignments for babies. However, it may take several sessions to restore the spine to its natural shape. A healthy spinal shape will restore the nervous system to its normal equilibrium and allow the baby be soothed.

It is often seen, even after simple adjustments, that babies breastfeed easier and cry less. With a fully functioning nervous system, the child is now at a decreased risk for health issues like allergies, ADD/ADHD, ear infections, asthma and developmental impediments.

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