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Carpal Tunnel pain in Sarasota

Carpel tunnel syndrome is a painful condition where the median nerve, located in your wrist, is compressed by swelling. Traditional treatment options for carpel tunnel, such as surgery and medication, tend to be invasive and expensive. However, chiropractors have had success treating carpel tunnel syndrome in a more conservative way. If you'd like to determine if your wrist pain may be caused by carpel tunnel syndrome and want to learn more about the alternative treatment Sarasota chiropractors can provide, please read on.

Carpel Tunnel Symptoms

Carpel tunnel syndrome typically produces burning, tingling, pain, and swelling sensations in the hand and fingers. Carpel tunnel also causes weakness in the hand, and you may experience difficulty picking up small objects. If carpel tunnel is left untreated, damage to the median nerve can leave you with permanent loss of movement in your hand.

Causes of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel tunnel occurs when the tissues and bone in the wrist swell and become misaligned, pressing on the median nerve. This often occurs due to an underlying medical issue, such as a wrist injury, stress, or break. The most common cause of carpel tunnel is related to jobs that require the long-term use of vibrating instruments or repetitive hand or wrist movements.

In other cases, the cause of carpel tunnel syndrome is less obvious. Pregnancy, obesity, nerve irritation stemming from the spine, and metabolic disease involving the thyroid or pituitary gland can be contributing factors when carpel tunnel doesn't have a clear cause.

Treatment of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

In traditional medicine, decompression surgeries, prescription medications, and physiotherapy are used to treat carpel tunnel. However, these approaches fail to address the underlying cause of the problem. Therefore, these approaches may be completely ineffective or only provide temporary relief. When carpel tunnel is left untreated or isn't treated successfully, you may have to adapt your lifestyle to accommodate your condition. This may include quitting your job or getting help with daily activities.

Many patients in Sarasota are finding long-term relief from carpel tunnel with chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic medicine seeks out and treats the underlying cause of the problem. A chiropractor will evaluate you and create an individualized treatment plan to help you heal. If you are experiencing any symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome, please call our team at Rist Chiropractic and Wellness today to schedule a consultation.